who the hell is mumin sekman?

If you consider yourself a devoted reader on success & motivation (I do! I do!), you have probably heard of him. Mumin Sekman is a rising star in this world. Reached hundreds of thousands of people with his motto that “success can be learned”  so far, he now started to inspire an even wider audience with this universally intriguing message. With his fresh, unorthodox approach and friendly language, his book “Unlimit Yourself” amazed me and quickly became one of my favorites aswell, so I though, who’s this guy?


He comes from an unexpected background: surprisingly, he didn’t study psychology or a brain-related subject but law in college; which is when his interest in success started- and didn’t stop ever since! Upon studying the lives of successful people from every field and driving lessons from these, he started to put them down to share his findings, which soon made him a prominent success author at a very young age.Series of highly influential conferences made his reputation grow and gained him the title “the success guru.”
What now? Conquering the world, it seems.
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