towards a better you: change something!

personally, I like taking walks in unfamiliar neighbourhoods of the city every once in a while. some mornings I eat something other than my usual peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. I try to discover a new artist every now and then, so that I feed my brain with a rythm, melody and lyrics that’s different than what I’m used to.

too much habitual behaviour may be keeping your mind from working enough, and eventually and getting your mind blunt. to give yourself a mental floss and polish up your brain a little bit, you can consider breaking your routines every once in a while. it doesn’t have to be a major thing- little changes work. “change the hand you hold your phone, carry your purse on the other arm, or just take another path home today.” suggests mumin sekman, who is renowned as “the success guru” and an expert on how to get your brain work more effectively. take his word for it!