things I love

Spring is here, my midterms are coming up, flowers are blooming and sun is finally showing its face. In the meantime I’m living & loving every single thing about the spring, even the tougher ones. Today I sat down and I made a list of the things I love the most nowadays:

  • Chamomile tea; I take a few sips before going to bed and start sleeping like a baby pretty soon.
  • Studying psychology, which doesn’t feel like studying to me at all.
  • Unlimit Yourself by Mumin Sekman; the book that changed so many things about how I perceive life, which I’m planning to talk about here soon.
  • The King’s Speech, I just can’t get over how lovely that movie is. That one is to be reviewed aswell.
  • The royal wedding; seriously, I don’t think even Wills & Kate take such a genuine interest on their upcoming wedding asĀ  I do.
  • Pale pink nails, there’s nothing more fresh and spring-y, like cherry blossoms on my hands. I keep alternating between H&M “Get a Rose 4 Me” for a defined, opaque finish and and OPI “Pink-A-Doodle” for a more demure, natural one.
  • Early Beatles– yes, again. Seems like you can never get over Beatlemania.
  • Being a brunette; I finally had the courage to dye my medium brassy blonde hair to a medium-to-dark brown. I couldn’t be happier with it!
  • Little Nicolas; an old favorite which I’ve been skimming through again. It brings back so many good memories, probably from around the spring of ’99.

What do you adore this spring?thin