a successful and fun work wardrobe: mission impossible?

Over my previous internships I got to observe office life in every way possible, which includes the style aspect. Now this is so often abandoned that we came to the point where we think that office style is synonymous with boringness. Personally, I see fashion as a way to express myself and clothes I wear definitely affect how I feel, so I don’t really want to oblige to this, but I at the same time want to look as professional as possible. To me, a successful work wardrobe is one that has personality and shows a signature style.

If you want add a dash of excitement and express yourself a bit more in the work hours, while keeping your serious and determined outlook, I may have some tips. I picked eight sample pieces to spice up a usual work wardrobe:

1. For a smooth transition, try¬† a piece like this pefectly demure blouse with a dash of bling-bling on the collar, then wear it exactly in the way you’d wear a plain white top.

2. If you’re interested in different cultures and love ethnic pieces, a multicolor tribal necklace is the perfect way to spice up a usual all-black outfit.

3. Wear these basic bright coral pants with your favorite white button-up and black flats, and voila, you’re a 21st century Audrey Hepburn!

4. Add a dash of raspberry lipstick to instantly brighten your smile & your day, plus it goes well with just about any outfit!

5. Trade your boring black shoes for an exciting (but still work-appropriate) navy pair of mary-janes.

6. Let the world get a peek of the mischievous little girl in you with a little touch, scuh as a childish print on your scarf.

7. Forget the “shoes and bags should match in color” rule for a day and plunge into something totally unexpected, such as this nile green tote.

8. Emphasize your shape and your signature style at the same time with a leopard belt: win-win situation.

I hope you’re inspired a little bit. Please feel free to share your tips, they will be highly appreciated.